An Innovative Approach to Internet Copyright Infringement

The digital millennium copyright act (DMCA) of 1998 was passed to protect intellectual property and prevent copyright infringements on the internet. Just because information is offered on the internet does not mean it is free or can be pirated by another website operator. eLearning courses, photographs, online coaching or fitness information, authors, law firms, software and WordPress developers, and other information vendors utilize their time and talents to create original material for sale online. Criminals who sell that information at discounted pricing, or steal it outright, are in violation of DMCA.

Take down Requests

Once piracy is noticed, a takedown request is submitted, and the site can be blocked. The problem is that piracy and theft are difficult to detect. Criminals are clever and can insert links in the original material to direct customers to their sites for purchases. Some offer stolen programs and copyrighted information on their own websites that are separate from the owner of the intellectual property. This leads to reduced income for the creator of the information, customers being deceived, and criminals getting rich stealing the work of others.


One reason piracy is so difficult to detect and have removed is because these sites originate from other countries. There are takedown services offered by companies, but many of them fail to find the source of the fraudulent sites and cannot have them removed. An innovative approach by one company combines a unique ENFORCER protection platform with experienced professionals, each referred to as a takedownczar. Services include trademark protection, re-seller link removals, reputation management, and special guards against piracy when new products are launched.

How it Works

There are no standard services just as there are no standard creative minds that come up with new material, information, or products to sell online. A free consultation is offered to every client whether that client is an independent freelancer, a small group of IT specialists, or a company that provides video training on safety. Monthly reports are provided to business owners and services are managed, so owners do not have to worry about piracy and copyright infringement. Services are ROI-driven to provide the highest possible return on the investment (ROI). Consult a takedownczar and protect your intellectual property.


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